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Clovis West Track and Field
Athletic Agreement

Welcome to the 2017 Track and Field season. The Clovis West Track and Field coaching staff is excited to have you involved in our program. We will be asking you to sign a contract. This contract will explain the commitment we expect from you as a track and field athlete and as a parent. The bottom portion needs to be signed and returned before you may compete in a meet. Please feel free to do a copy for your records.

In addition to rules established by the school, some specific rules will be in effect for the Clovis West Track and Field Team. These rules are not intended to make trouble for any athlete, but are designed to help practice organization and provide fairness to all team members. These rules are:

1. To be part of this team and compete in the meets, you must attend practices and take part in the workouts. If you cannot attend practice you must contact a coach in advance. Absences because of illness or family emergencies will be considered excused. If an athlete has one excused absence in a week they will still be able to compete in the meet. 

2. If an athlete misses practice for an unexcused reason they will be suspended from competing for 1 meet. The athlete will however be required to participate in practice. Another unexcused absence will result in a 2 weeks of missing meets. A third unexcused absence will result in a removal from the team. Communication is the key to avoiding problems.

3. Practice will begin at 3:00 PM. Tardiness will not be tolerated. A dedicated athlete will be on time for workouts.

4. There will be some type of practice rain or shine every day. Never assume a practice has been canceled. 

5. All team members are expected to compete in all meets for which they are eligible. If a person misses a meet or misses an event for an unexcused reason, he/she will be suspended from the next meet

6. We are a TEAM. The meet is not over until the last Clovis West athlete completes his/ her event. Do not ask to leave the meet early, your teammates cheered for you and you should cheer them on.

7. There may be at certain times that an athlete may have to leave a meet early. A note from the athlete’s parent must be turned in at the beginning of the week or the athlete is not allowed to leave early.

8. You must conduct yourself as a lady or gentleman at all times. You represent Clovis West, the coaching staff, your family, and yourself. Do not do anything that will cause embarrassment for anyone.

9. All team members are expected to train under the direction of one or more of the team coaches. Outside coaching by parents/athletes/internet/private coaches or others is not allowed during the track season (JAN-JUN).  

10. Do not forget your uniform. Loaners will not be issued.

11. All athletes are student athletes first and must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for competition. 

12. We will not cut anyone that is willing to show-up every day for practice, give their very best effort, and has a positive attitude! We want students that are willing to work to better themselves on and off the track and field! 

A) Be 100% supportive of the Track Team
B) Allow the coaches to coach.
C) If you have questions regarding the program, please consult with the coaching staff first.
D) Be a positive role model for the athletes, coaches and other fans at the meet.
E) Accept the coaches' decisions. They are in the team's best interest.
F) Attend all meetings and meets whenever possible.
G) Understand that Track & Field is a positive influence on your son's or daughter's life.
H) After the meet, talk to your son or daughter. Always look for what they did well first. Try not to be critical. (Let the coaches do that…you don’t have to be the “bad guy.”)
I) If you are taking your son or daughter home from an away meet, you must sign him/her out prior to leaving.
J) Whenever possible, support the Clovis West Track Boosters in any way you can! Please join if you can!

  It is expected that all Clovis West Track & Field Team parents will follow the Clovis Unified Parent Code of Conduct.

Please read and discuss these rules (Athletic Agreement) between parents/guardians and student/athlete. You must abide them to be a member of the Clovis West Track and Field team.
 You need to understand that if a student-athlete does not comply with these rules may be suspended/ removed from the team.